Развитые возможности


Реабилитация детей

Для детей и подростков в возрасте до 18 лет команда специалистов предлагает программу абилитации/реабилитации, которая подразумевает реабилитацию различных неврологических, ортопедических, постоперационных состояний и общеоздоровительную программу с учетом индивидуальных потребностей.

Реабилитация взрослых

Взрослым пациентам с различными неврологическими или ортопедическими проблемами предлагаем полноценную реабилитацию по многопрофильной программе.

Лаборатория вспомогательных устройств

Полный пакет услуг включает: индивидуальный подбор, изготовление, подгонку под нужд пациента и обучение пользованием ортезов кистей и стоп, инвалидных колясок и адаптированной мебели.

Адаптация и приспособление окружающей среды

Предлагаем обустройство/адаптацию квартиры/дома или государственного учреждения для лиц с ограниченными возможностями с учетом международных стандартов.

Спортивная реабилитация

Направление предлагает скрининг здоровья физически активного населения, профилактику, лечение и реабилитацию травматических повреждении.


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Важность раннего развития и основные принципы программы

Online lecture! "The importance of early development and the basic principles of the program." The lecture will be led by Nabo Kajaia - Occupational Therapist, Early Development Specialist. The following topics will be discussed at the lecture: - Why it is important to implement therapy in the natural environment - Involvement of the parent and the social environment - The role of the program in the transition process in kindergarten / school - Who and how can be involved in the program Interested parties have the opportunity to leave your questions for the speaker under the post, leave us in the form of comments, or write to us in the private messages of the page. Attendance at the lecture is completely free and will take place through LIVE on the Ken Walker Clinic Facebook page. The engagement takes place on April 23, at 5:00 p.m.

физическая реабилитация после переноса инфекции Коронавируса

Online lecture! "Physical Rehabilitation After Transmission of Covid Infection" The lecture will be led by Sofiko Shagidze, Head of the Adult Department at the Ken Walker Clinic, Neurologist, Neuroradiologist, Clinical Neurophysiologist. The following topics will be discussed at the lecture: - Subsequent complications of Covid infection transmission - Recommendations of the World Health Organization on the need for physical rehabilitation after the transmission of Covid infection - Practical tips for physical rehabilitation Attendance at the lecture is completely free and will take place via LIVE engagement on the Ken Walker Clinic Facebook page. The LIVE lecture takes place on March 16, at 5:00 p.m.

Впервые в Грузии система Loco-station в клинике Кена Уокера!

For the first time in Georgia, Loco-station system at Ken Walker Clinic! The American-made Loco-Station system is specially designed for people with gait disorders and is used with equal effectiveness for the rehabilitation of both children and adults. The loco-station system is used in the rehabilitation of various neurological lesions, such as stroke, brain trauma, incomplete spinal cord injury, etc. It should be noted that the system is effective for the management of high muscle tone - spasticity, even when the management of this problem is complicated by specific medical treatment. Important features of the system are: • Full control of body weight and lower extremities • Ability to select the load according to individual needs • Static and dynamic management function • Manage the variability of the equilibrium center • Perfect safety of the therapeutic process • Simplicity and efficiency The Ken Walker Clinic is the first in the Caucasus to be equipped with American and European high-tech rehabilitation equipment.

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